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The website design team at Search4Local will make sure that your business has a striking and attractive online presence. Best practice web design offers many benefits. Users will be able to understand and navigate your website with ease. This helps to build trust, which in turn leads to better conversions and more success.

If you’re looking for website designers with proven success, look no further.

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More Than Just A Website

Search4Local is a full service digital marketing agency offering bespoke web design for SME businesses. We are a forward-thinking company, with knowledgeable and enthusiastic employees. As a result, we stay at the forefront of web design.

We have a proven website design concept that ensures our clients get found online and reach their target audience. This visibility helps you to grow your business and attract relevant, loyal customers.

How It Works

What Search4Local Can Do For You

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, affordable websites, perfect for the SME market.

Full Consultancy

Before any work begins on your website, we conduct a full consultation with you. You’ll be able to share your ideas and educate us about your business and what you stand for. From there, we can build your digital marketing strategy.

E-Commerce Websites

If you’re a business owner looking to develop your brand and sell products, an online store will allow your customers to make purchases online at their convenience.

Website Speed & Security

A fast, secure website helps to build trust with your customers and search engines. You can rest assured that your website is protected with HTTPS, which is encrypted by using SSL certificates and robust security features.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile responsive web design means building websites to be fully responsive and functional on screens of all sizes, including smartphones and mobile devices. This ensures that the user experience is seamless, closing the gap between websites and apps.

Quality Design

Web Design That Works

Search4Local’s goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses grow with attractive, successful websites. Our team of in-house web designers are hugely talented and passionate about their work. Every member of our team works to the latest industry standards, stay up to date with new web design trends and prioritise best practice web design above all. This means that we produce consistently high quality products that deliver exceptional results.

We build all of our websites with user experience in mind. This ensures that your business site is easy to navigate and optimised for SEO


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Bespoke Web Development

If you’re looking for a custom website with unique features, our web development team can help. Search4Local employ a hugely capable collection of web developers who can create all manner of website functionalities. You can share your ambitious project ideas with us, and we’ll make them a reality.

Web Design FAQ

E-commerce is an abbreviated version of electronic commerce.

You could think of an e-commerce website as the ‘digital high street‘. Put simply, an e-commerce website can make transactions. Customers can book in for a service, or they can purchase physical products online. You can also sell digital products like courses, music and e-books.

Web design for e-commerce websites will differ slightly from a standard business website. The user journey needs to be much clearer, and products should be easy to search for. Category structure is vital for users to locate products directly on  your site and from search engine results.

Website security matters a lot. All Search4Local websites have robust secure hosting. You’ll have several layers of protection, ensuring that you and your customer’s data is safe from online attack.

We always recommend that you treat online security seriously. Never share passwords with people that you can’t trust, and make sure that your login details feature a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters.

Storing passwords safely using trusted software is a great way to ensure that any complex passwords aren’t forgotten.

Responsive websites adapt to different screen sizes. Over half of all internet searches are performed on smartphones now. Search4Local use the core elements of modern web design, so mobile usability and responsiveness is a top priority. Your website will be accessible to millions of smartphone users.

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