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Don't Compromise On Your Website's Security

Search4Local only provide websites with secure hosting, so there’s no compromise on your website’s safety.

We also offer business email packages to enhance your company’s online appearance.

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It Support
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IT Support

Search4Local provide IT support that covers managed website hosting, business emails, Microsoft packages and website maintenance. Our experienced in-house team ensure that your website is safe, secure and fully protected. In the rare event that you experience an issue, speak to one of us directly over the phone.

What We Do

Search4Local’s IT Support

Encrypted Security

Search4Local offer secure, fast and reliable hosting. You’ll benefit from lightning quick response times and minimal downtime. Websites which load quicker retain a greater number of users.

Premium Hosting

Premium hosting is available as an upgrade to all customers. You can choose to upgrade your hosting to one of our super-fast premium servers. This service is available as a stand alone product, or is included in select packages.

Data Recovery

Your data is important and protecting it is crucial. Our IT support team make regular backups of your website, ensuring a copy of your files and potential customer data is reachable in the rare event of a breach. This means you won’t risk losing your files if something goes wrong. Our team are on hand to restore your website should anything unexpected happen.

SSL Website Security

Website security protects you and other website users from hacks and data breaches. Our sites meet strict GDPR requirements and protect all users. We work with the leading and most trusted providers to ensure there is no compromise on your website’s security.

We strive to offer fast and effective solutions with unrivalled support for our customers.
Online Identity

Business Emails

Your business’s online identity is important. An attractive and functional website gives that important first impression. To build trust, a business email packages incorporates your brand name or domain into your email address. You can even have breakdowns of key departments such as accounts@ or info@.  

Microsoft Business Emails

We offer fully comprehensive Microsoft business emails. Your business email package comes with the Microsoft Office suite. This includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will save your business money, as you you won’t have to pay out for an expensive personal license. The subscription is factored in to a small monthly cost.


The loss of data is an extremely rare occurrence. Although it’s very unlikely, to ensure that nothing will be lost in the event that something goes wrong, all of our websites are backed up every 24 hours. We do everything that we can to make sure that your data is safe and retrievable.  

We have SSL certificates, SPF records, DKIM management and secure hosting servers. Our team are trained in GDPR requirements and always protect the data of our customers. The servers that we use have minimal downtime and fast response times, so you won’t miss out on any potential sales.

All of our websites come with some of the best security measures on the market. However, keeping your site secure doesn’t end there. Never share passwords to any of your accounts with people that you can’t trust. Be cautious when opening emails from unfamiliar senders, and never download files that seem suspicious. You should have a high-quality antivirus software installed on all of your systems to prevent online attack.

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