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Why Encrypted Secure Hosting Is a Must For Your Website

As an increasing percentage of our working life, shopping habits, education, public sector communications, and data storage is online. One of the most valuable online commodities is you and your data.  

To ensure our collective safety and to protect our online lives; internet companies and software engineers invest millions a year increasing in online protection for consumers. When you consider the sensitive data, which passes through our smartphones and internet browsers, it’s easy to see why. Website security is important for both apps and websites.

Luckily for us Brits, data breaches cost averagely less in the UK than the global average. Surprisingly, our security budgets are smaller too.

In May 2020, it was reported that 88% of UK companies had suffered data breaches in the last twelve months. A report conducted by Carbon Black states that companies throughout Europe receive more cyber breaches than UK businesses. 92% of companies in Germany, 94% in France, and 90% in Italy.   

Have complete peace of mind that we at Search4Local take our clients security very seriously. Cyber protection is at the forefront of all our digital projects, ensuring complete security. We use leading encrypted SSL HTTPS hosting. Our web hosting is fast, reliable, and designed for round the clock security. This is especially important for securing e-commerce websites.  

Website Security – Improve Trust With Your Clients

Online safety and web security relates to trust more than anything. If a user doesn’t feel safe or trust your site, they are likely to leave without converting into a lead or sale.  

In fact, a core algorithm update rolled out in 2021 further scrutinised sites not on HTTPS, demonstrating the tech giant’s dedication to protecting their users. 

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Three Reasons Why Site Security Is Important

The inner mechanics of website protection and cybersecurity is complex, precise, and stringent. To best explain it we have whittled the benefits down to three easy to digest and real world experiences.  

Hacked Websites Can Target Your Customers

If any of your clients or customers rely or use your website to contact or make payments, encrypted and secure hosting is paramount. Malicious and illegal software is designed to plague websites, harvest personal data and can even hijack computer resources.  

If your businesses website has been hacked, technically any user that visits your site could be at risk. Encrypted HTTPS makes it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to your site. Plus, any intellectual or web insurance you have will most likely ask for this hosting as condition of policy.  

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The Reputation of Your Business Can Suffer and You Can Lose Revenue

Cyber crime and data breaches can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and difficulties. If the source of a hack can be traced back to your businesses website, it is very likely you will lose that particular customers trust. News travels fast and if this continues to happen, your business could get known for causing viruses.  

This isn’t scaremongering. 44% of UK consumers say they would stop spending money with a business, at least temporarily, if they experienced security issues. 41% claim that they would never return to a site after a security breach.   

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Your Website Can Get Blacklisted

If your website continues to experience security breaches Google will blacklist it. It can take a very long time to work your way back from this. It’s not just starting from the beginning again, it’s working against a huge anti ranking penalty.  

This isn’t uncommon, Google quarantines around ten thousand suspicious websites a day. A common way to spot this is the message ‘this site may harm your computer’ being displayed. It goes without saying that this is terrible for SEO. Fully working against SEO trends in 2021 .  

It’s not all doom and gloom! As more and more businesses invest in encrypted hosting, and Government’s introduce stricter data protection measures like GDPR, advancing technologies in the industry serve to further protect you and your business.  

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