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Effective Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is far more than activating a campaign to a budget. There’s a complex science of best practices behind the process. When researched properly by advertising professionals, social media adverts are highly effective.

Our social media advertising team continuously analyse advert performance. This results in a more cost effective campaign that succeeds in converting users.

One huge benefit of advertising on social media is the ability to target a precise demographic. A bespoke marketing strategy means that your message will be sent to those who are most likely to be interested in your service. This builds brand recognition alongside a loyal customer base, and generates sales.

Improved Brand Awareness

Good brand awareness comes from likes, shares, comments and images. Targeted campaigns will increase interactions with your posts and build recognition of your brand.

Appear In Search Engines

Sponsored social media campaigns can improve your position on Google. Increased website traffic leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.

Higher Conversion Rates

Likes, shares, comments and tags can lead customers to your website. This provides an excellent opportunity to convert visits into the sale of your service or product.

Put your business directly in front of your target audience with Search4Local’s social media marketing packages.


Facebook advertising works by targeting users that are likely to be interested in your business. You decide your advertising budget and target users by profile, location and demographic. Adverts are created to promote your sales message on relevant users newsfeeds.

Social media marketing offers access to a local and national audience, which you can target with your message. This will drive traffic to your web page.

Millions of people use social media. After all, it’s designed to be highly attractive. This is achieved by tailoring the experience to each user’s preferences. This often includes providing bespoke advertisements that users are most likely to be interested in. As a result, your business will build brand recognition, customer base and sales volume.

It’s easy for inexperienced business owners to get these adverts wrong, wasting their precious time and money. Search4Local’s experts use the latest marketing trends to optimise your campaign, directing it straight to your target audience. This results in a successful and cost-effective marketing strategy.

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