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The purpose of a website is usually for new and existing customers to find your services online. The internet is a huge database and is used by the vast majority of people. When a user needs a service, they are most likely to search the internet to find the right business to do the job.

That’s why a successful website can lead to  a successful business. If your site ranks poorly, has technical errors and doesn’t look attractive, you’re not going to make many conversions. Up to 89% of users will leave your website and take their business to your competitors if they have a poor user experience. Let’s discover the best ways for you to reach your target audience online. By following these tips, you can increase the traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A good SEO strategy will stand you in good stead. Search engine optimisation is a process that improves every aspect of your website, from technical work in the back-end to content writing on the front-end. If your website falls short on any of these things, you can’t expect to rank well in the search results.

To put together a strategy that will work for your business, you’ll need to carry out extensive market research and competitor analysis. You’ll also have to make sure you’re up to date with the latest search engine algorithms and online marketing trends.


When a website ranks well for its keywords and phrases, it has a much better chance of reaching its target audience. Top ranking websites also receive much more traffic, which in turn tends to lead to higher conversions.

Paid Advertisements & PPC

If you want to increase your website traffic quickly, paid advertisements will probably offer you the most benefit. You can choose to broadcast your message to social media users or even people who are searching for your key terms.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that paid advertisements are as simple as pressing ‘go’, though. You’ll need to come up with a plan and continually monitor your advert’s performance to ensure you’re driving quality traffic to your site.

The best way to organise your paid advertisement strategy is to consider your target audience and where they are most likely to find your advert. Research the hottest key terms and find out where you’ll get the best value for money. Pay per click (PPC) adverts are a great starting point for many, as you’re only paying for the clicks that your advertisement gets.

You can use paid advertisements in combination with your SEO efforts to dominate the search results.

Get People To Link To You

If you’ve got friends in similar industries, ask if they will provide a link to your website on theirs. If you’re direct competitors, you might not have much luck. However, let’s say you’re an electrician who frequently works together with a local plumber. Linking to each other’s websites can have a positive effect for both businesses.

Backlinks And Linking Opportunities

As well as this, setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also help. These will direct traffic to your website and show Google that you have a good online presence.

Answer The Right Questions

If your customers frequently have the same queries, consider setting up an FAQ page or a how-to guide on your website. This should drive more organic traffic to your website because you’re providing them with informative content.


Make sure that you answer the question fully and in as much detail as possible. You don’t always need to use FAQs and guides as a way to sell your products. Sometimes, if you simply help your users carry out a task themselves, that’s all you need to do. When they come to need your services in future, they might remember how your guide helped them before. Therefore, they’ll be more likely to use your business. People tend to trust brands that they recognise more than ones that they don’t.

Be Present On Social Media

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A good social media presence is important for any brand. Nearly every business should at least have a Facebook account. You should also consider having Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well. If you’re able to create short form video content, you’re a great candidate for Tik Tok.

Give It Time

It can be frustrating waiting for an organic strategy to start showing results. Unless you’re choosing to invest in paid advertising, you might not see an increase in your website traffic for a few weeks. Try not to get disheartened by this. The best strategies focus on being consistent and providing high quality content.

The more time you can commit to your strategy, the better.


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