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Search4Local are a full service digital marketing agency offering high quality websites and advertising packages to Bristol and the surrounding areas. We employ a hard working team of content writers, web designers, SEO experts and digital advertisers, all under one roof.

Our belief is that all businesses deserve to be seen online, no matter how big or small. We specialise in digital marketing and advertising for small to medium enterprises. This gives local businesses the chance to compete effectively with far larger competitors.

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Our highly skilled SEO team will use the latest techniques to optimise your website. This improves your position in search results, which means your audience are more likely to find you online.

Search engine optimisation requires in-depth knowledge of many disciplines to improve the visual and technical health of a website. As well as this, a thoroughly researched content strategy can significantly improve where your website appears in search engines, like Google.

An organic marketing strategy will benefit every website by ensuring that the content is useful, engaging and user-friendly. This leads to more website traffic which results in higher conversions.

Web Design

Website Design

Our websites incorporate the latest design trends and demands from todays users. 100% mobile first, for optimum user experience. Our team design attractive websites to represent your business to new customers in the best possible light. Built to encourage online traffic to convert into enquiries.

We carry out a full consultation with you before any work begins. This gives you the opportunity to share your ideas and teach us about your business. We also offer full e-commerce platforms with support packages to help businesses sell products online. Hosting wise, we offer the latest encrypted hosting for ultimate protection.

If you are looking for a new website, click here to find out how Search4Local are helping hundreds of businesses across Bristol join the digital age.



PPC stands for pay per click. A type of advertising that gets your brand seen online instantly. The cost is determined by your location, industry and competition. You only pay for traffic that’s driven directly to your site, so you won’t be paying to reach an audience that doesn’t engage with your advert.

Search4Local are trusted AdWords experts with Google Partner status. We have managed highly successful PPC campaigns for many customers. These advertisements result in a rapid increase in website traffic and higher a conversion rate. Throughout your campaign, our team will monitor the success of your advert and provide you with reports.

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Highly Effective Products

Why Choose Search4Local For Digital Advertising?

We are a small team of highly motivated individuals who have proven experience in creating successful websites. Choosing us means that you’ll benefit from our highly effective products, which we offer at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We’re passionate about delivering the best advertising products on the market, because we want to see your business succeed.


If you want to get found online, yes! Search4Local’s digital marketing specialists have the skills to get your website seen. This leaves you to reap the benefits of increased users on your website, leading to more conversions and more success.

Our professional digital marketers can help your business realise its advertising goals. Search4Local’s expertise means that you’ll have a high quality marketing package at the most cost-efficient price.

The long-term benefits of hiring digital marketers include better brand awareness, an increased customer base and more trust in your website.

Every business can benefit from SEO, and small businesses are no exception. Local businesses can benefit from local SEO. This will get your website seen by local customers, meaning you’ll get high quality leads and increased conversions.

The nature of SEO means that your website will become a better authority on your subject. This leads to more trust with Google. Over the long-term, your website will appear for more search terms, reaching a wider audience. When you begin to rank for more niche queries, your website could appear above much larger competitors.

PPC (or pay-per-click) advertising is much more than simply clicking a button to turn them ‘on’. There’s a huge amount of research that needs to be done to create a successful campaign. By choosing the experts at Search4Local, your PPC advertising will lead to better results at a better price.

You’ll see great value in your pay-per-click advertising campaigns with Search4Local. We provide you with detailed reports, so you can see exactly how effective your advertising package is.

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To get your brand noticed online with an attractive and secure website, look no further than us. We want to give you the opportunity to build your brand with our comprehensive online advertising services.

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