Social Media Advertising Tips: Find Your Target Audience & Create A Bespoke Marketing Strategy

Social Media Advertising

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Getting your business found online is more important than ever in 2023. If you’ve got an attractive, optimised website, you’ve taken the first step. However, your online presence shouldn’t end there. Raising awareness of your brand should take a multi-faceted approach. Let’s explore part of this by taking a closer look at social media advertising.

Why Choose Social Media Advertising?

Social media is a densely populated rainforest. With everyone needing to outgrow their competitors and reach the light through the tree canopy. With competition at an all-time high across multiple platforms, learning how to advertise effectively on social media can be daunting.

Social Media Addiction

The ‘create all accounts’ strategy is all well and good, but is that where your target audience are? And if so, how do you reach them? What businesses don’t realise is that whenever they create a social media account, they create the need to make content for it. There’s nothing worse than creating an account, realising it’s not right for the business, and abandoning it. When users – who are ultimately potential customers – find it, the fact that the business is not posting or engaging looks far worse than if the account didn’t exist.

To connect with your users and engage people’s interests, you should also be developing strategies for your business social media accounts. Reaching your target audience is easier when they can access you through multiple avenues.

With this in mind, let’s look at the most popular social media platforms for businesses to advertise on and give you a rundown of best practise strategy.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a market-leading social media powerhouse. In fact, it’s so popular that we’d argue that having a Facebook account is essential for any business. About 66% of the UK’s population are active Facebook users. You can promote your services on your business Facebook account and even liaise with clients if you allow the messaging feature to be active.

A good strategy will begin with a detailed profile, like our Search4Local Facebook account. You should include your business name, phone number, address and opening hours. You’ll also want to add images of your work. Make sure that you regularly update your profile, so people know that you’re active and can see the latest updates.

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Although Facebook is social media, you should always be professional with any interactions. Whether a client is messaging you privately or replying to a public post, always be polite, helpful and on-brand. Remember that everything you do online is visible. Even private messages could be screenshotted and shared, so never do anything that would reflect poorly on your company image.


If you take a lot of images of your work, Instagram could work well for your business. Regularly sharing pictures with relevant captions and hashtags will attract new followers. Follow this checklist for best results:

You can also make use of stories. These are a great way to discuss trending topics that you might not want to have a permanent place on your profile.

Make sure that the account is set up as a business profile, so you can add relevant information and a CTA (call to action) button.


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This is another platform that we feel is essential for the majority of businesses. LinkedIn is regarded as a ‘professional’ social media platform. Because many people will use LinkedIn while they’re at work, it’s particularly useful for B2B (business to business) marketing.

You might also consider using Twitter if you’ve got a good sense of humour and can convey that in a professional way online. Many businesses see success through tongue-in-cheek Tweets going viral. You can also make use of hashtags and see which tags are currently trending. Make sure to embed any relevant tweets you post into your Blog section on your site – this is great for driving traffic to your website!


TikTok perhaps won’t suit a lot of local businesses, but if you can generate short-form video content, it might be the perfect platform for you. TikTok is a great way to show your business’s identity and connect with your audience through video. If you sell a particular product, you could show people how to use it. You could also create humorous videos in an attempt at going viral.

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There’s a lot of opportunity to be had on TikTok, so if you can make it work, it’s a good idea to give it a go.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

If you’ve got a good, active presence on a few social media platforms, you’re sure to see the benefits. Not only does social media allow more people to interact with you, it can also give your business a personal touch. As a local business, this is what sets you apart from larger competitors.

Backlinks And Linking Opportunities

With that in mind, make sure that you’re always polite in your online interactions. Treat customers with compassion and be understanding, even if someone is rude to you. Negative comments can be tough to deal with, but the way that you handle them has much more impact than anything else.

Another thing to be aware of is consistency. It’s very important that you use the same name and contact details for your company throughout all of your profiles. Discrepancies can look suspicious, putting off potential customers. Set aside some time to review your profiles and make sure your content and details are up to date.

Consider Paid Advertisements

To get your business in front of a wider audience, you could consider a paid social media advertisement package. This will allow you to choose a target audience and broadcast a campaign to their social media feeds. You’ll see increased user interactions on your profiles, which in turn could lead to more traffic going to your website. This should lead to more sales and better brand recognition, and you’ll see these results much more quickly than you would with an organic strategy.


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