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Drafted Document Packs Created By Legal Professionals

Charles Burgess Deed Polls specialise in creating drafted templates and packs for a range of legal services. They cater to the whole of the UK with a mission to provide their customers with an effortless, straightforward template for typically complex legal processes. Due to the nature of their business, Charles Burgess Deed Poll’s website needed to look trustworthy. Our web designers used golden accents in their colour scheme and an elegant framework to convey the sophistication and accomplishments of their company.

Charles Burgess Deed Poll’s Web Design

From the very beginning, we understood how essential it was to create a site that inspired confidence in its users. After all, the UK legal system can be daunting to navigate, and any shortcuts can be grounds for uncertainty. That’s why we worked closely with Charles Burgess to curate the perfect site structure, content and design that reflected these values. The finished product was a website focusing on user experience, trust building and benchmark information. This provides peace of mind to all customers.

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Symbiotic UX & Content That Achieves Results

What’s more, we also set out on a national SEO campaign to rank Charles Burgess Deed Polls on all the services they provide. This strategy has achieved great results. Thanks to a combination of client communication and our SEO experts, Charles Burgess continues to grow on authority and benchmark content. It was clear to us that informative, comprehensive content was crucial for building trust with search engines and customers alike. As a result, the team combined user experience, informative written content and technical SEO techniques to achieve successful results that continue to improve organic traffic.

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