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Ecommerce website design gives the ability and functionality for users to safely buy products online. The term Ecommerce, which is occasionally written as e-commerce, is an abbreviation of electronic commerce. In regards to business sector, Ecommerce are commonly used in the four market types, these being:

  •           Business to Business
  •           Business to Customer
  •           Consumer to Consumer
  •           Consumer to Business

Throughout this blog, we’re going to look at what users expect from modern Ecommerce web development. We will also discuss Ecommerce platforms from a development side of the monitor, including website hosting, physical design and the role that our inhouse content writers play in the process.  

What Is Ecommerce Web Design?

Ecommerce websites achieve the best results when they are designed with user experience at the core. User experience and general usability is a critically important factor for modern ecommerce web design to get right. As web developers, we need ensure all of our Ecommerce websites are easy to navigate on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. In fact, the majority of internet searches are now performed on smartphones.

User experience encompasses the following factors:

Look – Colours, graphics and general appearance of the website. This needs to be both visually appealing, welcoming and safe, but also reflect your brand

Feel – Do users enjoy using the platform? How do the elements correspond with one another? Does the website respond quickly to retain engagement? Are the product or service images clear and represent USPs?

Usability – Usability focuses on backend functionality, safety and process of converting users into customers. It is paramount to create an Ecommerce website that protects users bank account details

Good website design is nothing without a memorable message and keyword specific optimised content writing. Search4Local have our own highly skilled team of copywriters, whose role it is to find out how users are searching for the products you offer, and weave the keywords naturally into the copy.

Ecommerce Content Writing

Ecommerce copywriting is all the text and written copy created for Ecommerce website platforms. Generally this boils down to headers, product descriptions and on page content as opposed to product categories and anything transferred directly from suppliers, including product titles.

A good copywriter can convey your brand in a simple yet powerful way. Ensuring your message stands out and users respond and buy into companies products. Ecommerce copywriters understand the psychology and process of selling and imply this in a subtle and successful way throughout our Ecommerce websites. Leading users down the path and helping you achieve more sales online.

Our copywriters work closely with our SEO team to help rank your Ecommerce website online. This includes more backend under the radar clever SEO tricks like meta data, alt text, categories, slug optimisation, page titles and headings to name just a handful. 

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Inhouse Copywriting Team

Content is king! Search4Local know all to well the importance of professional copywriting which is why we’ve invested in having the best wordsmiths sitting at Search4Local HQ! All of our copywriters are highly educated and experienced.

Our copywriters have a wealth of experience in digital advertising and writing content for websites, which is exactly what they do every single day. The key to successful copywriting is a mixture of research the topic, making this relatable to your target audience and structuring the copy in a way that ensures search engine algorithms rank your website in your target areas for the right keywords.

Keywords are words that your target audience, potential customers and users use online. Keywords are in themselves metadata relating to products and services. With product evolution comes how we use the internet, and in turn the language we use. For instance, longtail keywords and semantic expressions are the result of voice search.

Powerful, Safe and Secure Web Hosting

Our Ecommerce websites are hosted on an extremely secure private network which use SSL certificates. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, small data files which encrypt data. Making it near on impossible for hackers to breach your website. Website security is paramount for Ecommerce websites, protecting payment details and transactions online by encryption. SSL certificates encrypt data in real time.

Alongside security, Ecommerce websites need to load quickly and respond fast in order to retain user interest. Research shows that the average users leaves a website if it fails to load in four seconds!

Search4Local offer exceptionally fast and protected SSL hosting for all of our clients Ecommerce websites. As a tip or if you are worried that a website you are considering making a purchase through is safe, check the top left corner of the URL. You should see a small padlock, a tick or a shield. Click on this and the browser will give you more information about that specific websites hosting and security details.

Ecommerce Web Development Quotes

We make a tremendous effort to offer the most competitive prices for our Ecommerce websites. Prices are generally dependent on the number of products, additional services, duties and pages needed. If you would like further information on Ecommerce websites or a no obligation free quote, please get in touch.

You can reach us on 01392 409159, email customerservices@search4local.co.uk or send us a message via our contact page.


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