What Kind Of Websites Are In Demand?

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As digital advertisers specialising in web design and marketing packages for SMEs, we’re often asked what the most popular websites are. Well, we’re here to tell you what we get the most requests for at Search4Local. Of course, we have to remind you that as we focus specifically on websites for SMEs. So really, a more accurate title would be ‘what kind of websites for SMEs are in demand?’.

Small Business Websites

Surprise, surprise! One of Search4Local’s most requested projects is a small business website. But what do we really mean by that?

A small business website can be capable of a number of things, so it’s best to think of this as one big umbrella category. We can narrow things down a bit by looking at the different functionalities that small business owners might need for their websites…

Brochure Websites

A brochure website is designed to display goods and services, much like a printed brochure would. There can be as little or as many pages as you like. The amount of pages needed will depend on the number of services or products available, and how different they are. While some things can be grouped together on the same page, different categories deserve to be in their own space. This makes it easier for users to navigate to the content that they’re looking for, and it also helps optimise for SEO.

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Ecommerce Websites

For those who want to make transactions online, an ecommerce website is the perfect solution. Ecommerce web design has differences to standard web design. They need to be easier to navigate, with search bars and category filters.

Ecommerce websites are usually much larger than brochure sites. This is because each product will needs its own page, with its own description and ability to add to the cart. You also need a page for the shopping cart, the checkout and post-checkout.

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Portfolio Websites

Businesses that produce creative works might want to get a portfolio website. These are great for artists, graphic designers or other freelancers who want to showcase their skills. Portfolio websites are best suited to those who have lots of examples of their work. This could contribute to an image gallery, a video collection, music samples or anything else your imagination can come up with.

Lead-Driven Websites

All businesses should be looking to build lead-driven websites. This means that the website is built with an end goal – or conversion – in mind. To achieve this, the user journey needs to be clear. Creating a user journey is simple. If the purpose of the website is to make transactions, CTAs (call-to-actions) need to direct users to the shopping page. If the purpose of the site is to generate enquiries, phone numbers and contact forms should be clearly visible, with CTAs directing users to make contact.

For Small Business Websites, Choose Search4Local

We specialise in websites for SMEs. Therefore, we have proven experience of creating effective websites that are lead-driven and successful. No matter whether you need a brochure website, ecommerce website or portfolio website, we can help. All of our packages come at competitive prices that allow you to compete with larger businesses. At Search4Local, we believe everyone deserve a chance to be seen online.


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