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Successful landing pages are focused and objective. With careful planning from web designers, front end developers and SEO technicians required to be a successful digital marketing strategy. Landing pages can be designed to serve a number of purposes, with the most successful landing pages having a singular purpose. Be it to promote a new deal, gather customer details or quantitative data for research projects.

It’s worth noting that any page can indeed be a landing page. In layman’s terms, a landing page is a web page which serves as a point of entry website or specific area of the website. They will naturally occur of course depending on user intent. Ie, brand name search or specific service, or geo specific search if an SEO campaign is targeting multiple locations.

However, what we’re talking about today are intentionally designed landing pages. Why they’re important, what the different intentions can be and of course which factors go into creating successful landing pages.

A Few Facts To Consider About Landing Pages

Everyone, in the world of digital advertising at least, loves some facts to help them decide the best course of action to take with their new strategy. Starting off with…
  • Certain landing pages are not available through the sitemap – these types of pages are only accessible by clicking a link on an email, scanning a QR code or an advert  
  • Don’t worry about navigation – As your page has one intention, navigation to other parts of your site aren’t necessary 
  • You can get really specific with target audiences – if you have data for a target market, say email addresses, set up the page to specifically appeal to them. Base that on their previous behavior, unlike your website which has to have a broader appeal offering multiple traffic routes and researched calls to actions  
  • There are two main types of landing pages – the first grows your mailing list, the second sells a product or service  
  • Remember your P’s and Q’s – if your landing page has been successful, you’ve either gained a sale or retrieved some contact details. A little message to say thanks goes a long way 

A Few Facts To Consider About Landing Pages

Depending on the design and purpose of your landing page, will determine the type of setup required. Below is a list of the most popular and effective. Always keep in mind that users have reached this landing page because they were excited by the promotion in an advert, regardless of where it was placed. Make sure that message greets their arrival!

Lead generation​

A lead generations page’s primary objective is to collect leads for resale, or for internal use. These pages are very versatile, the success ultimately depends on the simplicity and speed of which a contact form can be completed by a user. This is because these pages are the middle part of a sales funnel. Although an initial conversion by the means of gathering contact details, the actual sale is made upon contact with the prospective client, hence why the contact forms are kept short and to the point.

Click-Through Landing Page​

Opposite to a lead generation page is a click through landing page. By the very definition, a click through page does not require a contact form at all. Think of it as a middleman between the advert and website, like the shopping cart. Requiring only a simple and striking call to action
landing page

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is used to collect data, although not as specific (i.e, give contact details for a specific purchase, like a new phone) as a lead generation page. These pages sit higher up in a digital sales funnel, only intended to gather email addresses or similar for a future offer which could be of interest.

Viral Landing Pages

Looking to increase brand awareness? Viral landing pages do just that. The primary focus here is content, making your new audience want to find out more. Include subtle links and some points about your services, and a link to connect via social media but that’s all. Remember that viral landing pages are not salesy focused.

The Benefits of a Landing Page

Where landing pages can hold the advantage over main website content, is they are free from distractions. Enabling the marketeer to deliver a specific message free from additional promotions or details on main site. It helps your audience focus and digest the information they are presented with a clear mind. 

Get More Traffic Through Your Digital Marketing Project

If you feel a landing page could be a good direction to take your digital marketing and would like further details, get in touch with one of our experts today. Call us on 01392 409159, or email customerservices@search4local.co.uk


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