AI Predictions For 2024: What’s Next?

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Last year, we discussed the rapid developments that happened in AI. Specifically, we looked at ChatGPT and its capabilities. Since then, the technology has continued to evolve with improved functionality. This is still the tip of the iceberg, with the global AI industry valued at a staggering $196.63 billion in 2023. We’ve put together our thoughts and predictions for the future below.

Search4Local’s Stance On AI-Generated Content

Although we appreciate how far AI has come – and how useful it can be – our stance on using it hasn’t changed. At Search4Local, we employ dedicated teams of content writers and SEO experts in-house. We feel it would be a waste of their skillset to favour AI content over human writing. Therefore, none of the content we produce is done using AI.

What Did AI Affect In 2023?

We know that AI changed a lot of aspects of digital marketing in 2023. Previously, Google’s guidelines were a lot more strict when it came to AI-generated content. They’ve since changed their wording, so it is now permitted, so long as the content it still useful and informative. They say that all high-quality content is rewarded, regardless of how it’s produced.

We think this is quite likely to be because Google released their own AI-powered tool, Bard. It would make little sense for them to provide users with a way to generate content, without permitting it to be used. We also believe that it would look as though Google weren’t confident in the quality of their generative AI products if they maintained their position that AI content is lower quality.
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What Do Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence For Now?

There’s no doubt that plenty of content we now see online is generated using AI. We don’t really know how much there is at present, but experts are predicting that 90% of online content will be AI-generated by 2026.

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It’s very hard to distinguish between what’s been written by a human, and what’s been generated. You can use an AI content checker, which will usually pick-up unedited writing. However, once a human has made changes to AI writing, the algorithm-based identification software is no longer as effective. However, low-quality AI content will always exist, and Google’s spam filters should continue to prevent it from appearing high in search results.

AI has many more uses than content generation. Behind the scenes, marketers can use AI for creating strategies, gaining inspiration, organising their thoughts, code generation including HTML and CSS, debugging assistance, real-time feedback and other administrative tasks.

Has AI Lived Up To Its Expectations So Far?

When AI exploded in popularity in 2023, there was a huge amount of promise and expectation. It was forecast that AI would leave people jobless, because it could be more productive and produce equal quality results as a human could.

With AI having the potential to change the way marketers work, there’s a lot on the line. Change isn’t always easy to implement, and we aren’t seeing as much adoption as some sensationalist articles might have had you believe in 2023. We’re seeing a more conservative approach to the use of artificial intelligence than anticipated.

It seems that the industry quickly realised that generating content wasn’t as simple as asking AI to write about a topic and getting a perfect result. Instead, there’s an art to writing the correct prompt to receive the response that you’re looking for. Where it was previously feared that jobs would be lost, it seems that new, different positions have opened instead. There’s now a demand for people with experience in writing prompts that produce effective results from popular AI software.

Practical Uses For Artificial Intelligence In 2024

As knowledge of AI and how to use it to its full potential increases, it remains to be a practical solution for content creation. Companies who need to keep up with content demands but can’t dedicate the time required to hand-write it will massively benefit from using AI. In spaces where content is important and an integral part of their appeal, AI will be used sparingly. For example, we’d be surprised if top news websites began to generate content rather than use the writing skills of their talented journalists.

Before AI has an opportunity to take centre stage in content-driven roles, new government legislations will need to come into place. At present, while AI use is relatively unrestricted, ownership and liability are a bit of a grey area. In future, there could be repercussions or legal issues surrounding AI and who is responsible for the content it generates.

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As well as content, AI is now favoured for its analytical skills. Social media marketers can input their user’s behaviours and quickly determine the best way forwards for their strategies. This saves a huge amount of time and allows marketers to move quickly, so they’re better able to keep up with trends.

Avoid Relying On AI

With AI technology developing so quickly, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding it. We think it’s important to consider how much you are relying on it, if you choose to make use of it. AI can be incredibly helpful, but it must be used thoughtfully and gets the best results in knowledgeable hands. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can type in a simple command and achieve an outstanding digital marketing strategy. It takes a lot of industry knowledge and experience to use the right prompt and identify a good result.

Will Search4Local Ever Use AI Content?

As a trusted digital advertising agency, we realise our opinion on AI content might be of interest. At Search4Local, we are committed to ensuring our talented content writers are valued and utilised for their skills. Our position as of 2024 is that we won’t use AI for content generation.

However, we do realise that as the software continues to develop, it’s opening up new opportunities. Because of this, we’re keeping a close eye on AI and are researching the most interesting features we see. We only adopt new processes when we’ve determined that they create the best results for our customers. It’s not about saving time or money, it’s about producing the best possible marketing packages that deliver consistently successful results.

Written by Alice Farley


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